Basic word counters do just that - they count the number of words in your document and most word processors have that facility built right in.

But what if you could count the number of times each word used appears in your document? (word frequency)

Because most writers use the same favourite vocabulary in their work, some repetitiveness can creep in. With that in mind, I have written a software tool to scan an entire document and list the frequency of each word.

Functions available include:-

Generating a list of words used together with their frequency.

Specify word length to ignore (eg: bypass words less than 4 characters long).

Displaying the list of words sorted in alphabetic, ascending or descending and frequency, ascending or descending order.

Selecting a word in the list and jump to each occurrence of that word in your document, displaying the paragraph and specifying the line number.

The ability to import MSWord documents directly. Cut and paste from any document eg: plain text, e-mail etc. Print or save to a file the results of the process.

Used in conjunction with MSWord’s Thesaurus, your story/article can be tweaked to perfection.

Best of all the program - PCWordCount on CD is available for A$14.95 plus post and packaging.

Order from: Eric S. Clarke P.O. Box 370 Kapunda, South Australia 5373

e-mail to: icws-at-irishcastles-dot-net

Orders can also be processed via PayPal

Within Australia - P & P A$2.50
USA - Europe - Asia - P & P A$5.50

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